European Youth Parliament

Below, you'll find a some of the projects and communities I worked with. I listed them in chronological order to document the learning that happen with each step.
Enjoy browsing and if you have any questions - you know where to find me.


During my time at university, I attended over twenty EYP events all over Europe. I acted in a host of different roles, including as organizer and facilitator for groups of young people from different European countries. EYP is project that helps build political and social awareness, as well as creates exciting opportunities for cultural exchange.


Lauvitel Lodge & Caroline Purkhardt

2016 - 2018

I helped to strenghen the sense of community around Lauvitel Lodge, which is boutique hotel and retreat centre in the French Alps. We created the "home away from home" feeling of the place, which turned a lot of visitors into returning guests. Part of my role was writing website copy, running social media, and helping with the structure of events and retreats.

https://lelauvitel.com & https://carolinepurkhardt.com


This was one of my most intense and fun writing years, when I focused less on community and more on honing my skills. One project I particularly enjoyed was creating book summaries for Four Minute Books. The website is run by Niklas Göke for those who love to read and learn but don't have enough time. Great project, and great collaboration with Nik!


2021 - 2022

Coming out of the covid pandemic, it was time for me to re-engage with a physical community. In autumn 2021, I found myself working at Bridgend, a community hub for skill-sustainability, and wellbeing. I ran and organized community groups, courses, and events, with the Wellbeing Day as my contribution I was most proud of.


2021 - present

The Salisbury Centre isn't a typical "career" experience - but I include it in my portolio because of the amount of learning it gave me. This is my primary community where I find a sense of belonging, run events, and participate in decision making. I founded the Authentic Connection Group here, and have worked with the staff to help them apply AR skills in work setting.


2022 - present

Civic Leadership Project is a non-profit based in Washington, DC. Their mission is to encourage community participation and self-care as two main building blocks of a better world. I helped them develop a few projects and activities, including a training curriculum for students, a mobile app, and Medium publication.


Authentic Revolution

2023 - present

Authentic Revolution was were I first learned about Authentic Relating and facilitation. My journey with them continued until I became a mentee and then co-facilitator for the The Authentic Facilitator training.


Four Minute Books

Big Self School

2020 - 2021

Working for Big Self School was a lot of fun. Shelly and Chad who run the coaching company trusted me with managing their Medium publication, which I helped to grow beyond the critical treshold of 1,000 followers. We built a community of fantastic writers who contributed to the publication, too. Some of them remained my online friends after.


Bridgend Farmhouse

The Salisbury Centre

Civic Leadership Project

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