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I help build communities through writing, consulting, and group facilitation.

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Community development has three pillars: individual, relational, and cultural. I consider all of them - even if I work with one more directly than others.

Mindfulness & Compassion

Strong communities are created by self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and generous individuals. Mindfulness and compassion is how I nourish myself and encourage a community-oriented mindset.

Culture of Embodiment & Care

Any community has an implicit and explicit culture and set of norms. When these are rooted in care and respect for our physical bodies, we can keep our feet on the ground while being inspired by big ideas.

Authentic Relating

Relationships based on honest self-expression, positive regard, curiosity, and trust are the glue of a healthy community. My background in Authentic Relating allows me to teach communication skills that make that glue.

"Marta is so very skilled in creating a safe space to mindfully connect with others and show up for yourself. Her facilitation guides you develop these important skills. The retreat she held was a truly meaningful day."

- Lucas Thomson, event participant

Meet some of my clients:

"Marta did some excellent work with our team at The Salisbury Centre, exploring our dynamics and communication and sharing tools from Authentic Relating. She is calm, grounded, kind, and self-aware and I would recommend her to anybody looking for a facilitator who will be sensitive and responsive to their group's needs."

- Lorraine Prince, Manager of The Salisbury Centre

"I came across Marta's Authentic Relating events in Edinburgh and have been hooked ever since. When I arrived I was helped to feel very at ease, I had little idea what the evening would be about! Exercises were well explained and a lot of fun. It is incredible to come away from a gathering with such a feeling of deep connection and wellbeing. I am a parent to young children which can be all consuming; authentic relating with Marta is the gift I give myself as often as I can. There is a sense of belonging and seeing each other on a deeper level, that I love. A wee gem of an evening!"

- Kas Berys, event participant

"I worked with Marta over the last year as I built my coaching business and personal growth school. She was instrumental in forming our community of writers and energized other writers to think outside of the typical self-help/psychology box. She is an incredibly smart and gifted writer who can take over-used and/or misunderstood psychological ideas and theories and breath new life into them. Marta is an exceptionally quick study, too. She was able to quickly grow our Medium publication while also helping on several content marketing fronts. And possibly the best part of Marta is her kind spirit and the joyful way she works with the whole team."

- Dr. Shelley Prevost, Founder of Big Self School

"I was looking for a "thought partner" to help co-author a blog on our Civic Leadership work and I ran into Marta through some of her Medium posts. We collaborated closely for over a year and she has been a joy to work with. Besides her relentless commitment to produce new posts on a steady basis, the 1-3 hours we would spend each week hashing over what we wanted to communicate were always fruitful, not only in terms of the writing posts but - equally important - in refining my thinking on key topics relating to "civic leadership culture." If you're looking for a writer or consultant in the arena of relationships, community, or psychology, I'd highly recommend her!"

- Tom Pollak, Director of the Civic Leadership Project

"We brought Marta on as a co-lead for our authentic facilitation trainings, and quickly found that we were getting more value than we ever bargained for. She not only led the classes beautifully, but also offered creative class ideas, spearheaded extra sessions, engaged the students, and built community throughout the program. Her energy and efficiency led to one of our best trainings thus far!"

Sara Ness, Chief Instigator of Authentic Revolution

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